Advent, overflowing

“And may the Lord multiply you, and make you abound in charity towards one another, and towards all men: as we do also towards you.”

1 Thessalonians 3:12

Abound in charity, overflow in love. As traffic gets thicker, lines get longer, and resources get lower, there is a tendency to feel empty and drained, not full of love to the point of overflowing.

Why must we abound and overflow? Because this is what we were made to do. He gave everything and so must we, because we are His. He showed us by example.

How humble? As small and humble as a human being at conception in the womb.

How poor? As a baby in a manger, as a man with nowhere to lay His head.

How patient? As a teacher washing the feet of pupils who still didn’t understand after countless lessons.

How loving? To the point of overflowing, to the last drop of Blood.

I can practice this in every little action, by giving up “my way” in exchange for His. I feel the pressure so much this time of year, especially in my schedule. The item most in demand is time. But I will not give up my time with Him. Because in every encounter with others, I must give them Him. I can’t do that unless the first and most intentional thing I do each day is to fill myself with Him, to the point of overflowing. Lest that person beside me in traffic gets something other than love spilled all over him.

When physical activity gets more intense, it becomes even more critical to have well balanced meals and proper rest. When spiritual and emotional activity gets more intense, it becomes even more critical to tread the path every day first. Prayer, spiritual reading, daily Mass.

I’m not certain if it was St Francis de Sales, or some other very wise person, but the advice is worth repeating. “Everyone needs at least a half hour of prayer each day. If you’re busy, you need an hour.” If busy can’t even describe it, then how much I need Him always. Come, Lord Jesus.

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