The Light

Light is a fascinating thing, manifesting itself in many forms and levels of intensity.  The bright rays of the sun, the quiet shine of the moon, the dangerous strike of lightning, the severe exposure in an operating room.  Light explodes into brilliantly distinct colors or filters into muted shades.  It can be the mesmerizing glow … More The Light

The Plateau

The path to eternity starts at the base of a mountain. From the beginning of the path, we look up towards heaven. The steep climb looks impossible. Some just never attempt it.  What’s the use? Some convince themselves they can do it. They can do anything if they just try. If they want it bad … More The Plateau


I’m scared to watch the news lately.  As if my refusal to watch will stop the reality of a world ripping itself apart at the seams.  As if the unthinkable terrorist attacks and mass shootings, each new evil trying to outdo the evil before it, won’t happen if I simply don’t turn on the TV. … More Unfair


I didn’t want to do it.  But at the same time I did want to.  Have you ever had those moments?  When you feel called to do something, but that something is outside of your comfort zone?  In the grand scheme of things, this calling of mine is relatively small.  Writing about my walk with … More Qualified

First Response

My phone was buzzing off the nightstand at 3 am.  I was jolted awake from a perfectly wonderful dream to heed a perfectly frightening tornado warning. I had hoped that a perk of moving away from the Midwest would be a relief from the constant threat of storms.  Yet storms–physical and emotional– always seem to … More First Response


My eyes shifted back and forth across the room, making sure no one would witness what I was about to do.  I was quiet.  I was quick.  I stole a package of cheese crackers.  From my child.   Maybe I should back up a bit. Life is good.  I’m spending time with God daily.  I … More Enough

Bring It

I feel as if I’m in a battle with life lately.   I’ve been winning.  It’s as if I have somehow realized all of my opponent’s best tricks, my coach has handed me the exact right weapon to overcome each tactic, and I have been invincible – for a while.  But instead of accepting defeat, this … More Bring It