Advent, O Adonai

Nearing sunset, in the mindset of Vespers, to continue the Christmas List of the Church, I listen to the next solemn prayer. “O Adonai, and Leader of the house of Israel, Who didst appear to Moses in the flame of the burning bush, and didst give unto him the law on Sinai: come and with … More Advent, O Adonai

The Culture of Heaven

I took three years of Spanish classes in high school and one more in college.  That was more than the minimum requirement to graduate, but I tend to love learning.  I especially love to know the real, true day-to-day novels of people’s lives.   I have found there are beautiful stories wrapped up in the language … More The Culture of Heaven

Seven Sundays

There is a devotion to St. Joseph that gets more rich with every meditation – the Seven Sorrows and Seven Joys of St. Joseph on Seven Sundays leading up to his feast day on March 19th. Why this devotion that seems to parallel the Seven Sorrows of Mary? Because St. Joseph was associated with Mary … More Seven Sundays

The Storm

I’m wrapped in a blanket, watching a storm brew. Right now, there is just peace. A peace that surpasses all understanding. I want to tattoo these small, perfect moments of happiness into my mind and heart. If the worst theories and prophecies come true in my lifetime, I will need to cling to these moments. … More The Storm

The Coach

The coach is on the baseball field again. Some may question that, as they wonder why he’s a little late to warm-ups.   But I can assure them, my husband has mentally been there since last night. Actually, he’s been there all season, well before it even started for the rest of us. He’s late … More The Coach

Inauguration Day

In You our ancestors put their trust; they trusted and You delivered them.                  ~Psalm 22:4 Inauguration Day.  The day we officially put a person in charge of our country with the power to guide our society for the next four years.  The day we give an individual … More Inauguration Day

The Weight of the Waiting

You can almost feel electricity in the air this time of year.  You can see the physical tension between “hurry up” and “wait” hunching everyone’s shoulders as they try to power through.  Billions of people are buzzing around, furiously preparing for something.  Another close of a business year.  Looming family gatherings.  The expectation of a … More The Weight of the Waiting

Dear Society

Dear Society, There’s never an easy way to tell someone this, so I’ll just cut to the chase.  I’m leaving you.  I’ve found someone else.  Actually, it’s always been about Him, I just mistakenly let myself get distracted by you.  What should I say?  It’s not you, it’s me?  Or maybe it’s more accurate to … More Dear Society