The Sower

I know you don’t want to hear me.
Or do you?

You pretend not to see me.
But you do, don’t you?

You’re tilting your head to the side, studying me.
I look…happy.
But that doesn’t make sense.
You watched me give up everything.
I should be weighed down, heavy with defeat.
So why do I look like I’m…floating?
Because I’m finally free.

You’re shocked at the changes in me.
You’re not sure why they scare you so much.
They don’t affect you.  Not really.
Or do they?

You want to write me off as crazy.

Yet what is that pesky feeling inside?
That nagging, itching, uncomfortable question?

It’s Curiosity.

She’s quietly wondering if you were misled all along.
She’s questioning whether the “what ifs” that drove you to surrender your life to society’s whims were imitation “what ifs”.
She’s offering up a new “what if” based on what she sees in me.

I haven’t confronted you about this.
I’ve never called you out.
I haven’t pointed one finger in your direction.
Yet you feel as if you’re on trial.

Are you scared talking to me might make you want to do something crazy?
Are you worried you already wanted to do something crazy?
Are you sensing I am the catalyst that will make you explode into reality?

You want to approach me.
To scream at me for causing this turmoil in your soul.
But you don’t.
Because you feel exposed.
You think I know.

Maybe that’s why you should approach me.
Because there is no need to avoid me.
Because I already know.
Because I’ve been right where you are.

Maybe you’re not ready.
Maybe you are just-fine-the-way-you-are-thank-you-very-much.
Maybe you’d rather not see Truth.

But here’s the thing.
You can’t unsee Truth.
And you already saw Him in me.

And so even though we haven’t spoken, a seed has been planted.
And some seeds grow in the harshest of conditions.


All this seed needs is a little bit of Light.
Light from Truth, shining through me.
And even if you force yourself to look away from me,
Someone else’s light suddenly starts shining.
Because they have Truth too.
You notice it’s actually all around you.
It has been all along.

You can’t eat.
You can’t sleep.
You can’t concentrate.
You can’t unsee Truth.

So Curiosity tugs at you, whispering her new what if.
What if you water the seed?  Just to see what happens?

I dare you to water it.
I dare you to let the Light shine on you, and then through you.
I dare you to live.
I dare you to be free.
I dare you to breathe in the intoxicating beauty of what could be.

Just to see what happens.