The Culture of Heaven

I took three years of Spanish classes in high school and one more in college.  That was more than the minimum requirement to graduate, but I tend to love learning.  I especially love to know the real, true day-to-day novels of people’s lives.   I have found there are beautiful stories wrapped up in the language … More The Culture of Heaven

Seven Sundays

There is a devotion to St. Joseph that gets more rich with every meditation – the Seven Sorrows and Seven Joys of St. Joseph on Seven Sundays leading up to his feast day on March 19th. Why this devotion that seems to parallel the Seven Sorrows of Mary? Because St. Joseph was associated with Mary … More Seven Sundays

One Resolution

There is only one resolution I make every year. And if I was allowed only one prayer for my family, my friends, and my community, it would be for this. Silence with God. Trade in your distractions and temptations, even some sleep if that is what it takes, for silence with Him. Every day. Work … More One Resolution

The Necessary Means

Which is a greater thing to possess? The gift itself, or the necessary means to obtaining and keeping and using the gift? What an impossible question, to which the only answer is both/and. The capacity of understanding the gift must expand to include the necessary means. It’s a package deal, as they say. What good … More The Necessary Means

The Storm

I’m wrapped in a blanket, watching a storm brew. Right now, there is just peace. A peace that surpasses all understanding. I want to tattoo these small, perfect moments of happiness into my mind and heart. If the worst theories and prophecies come true in my lifetime, I will need to cling to these moments. … More The Storm

Now I Begin…Again

It’s officially another new year. Everyone has been talking of resolutions and goals and feeling inspired. Meanwhile, I have been frustrated, restless, and tired. I looked at the world through endless loops of 2019 in review, and I didn’t want it. It’s unstable, hateful, and fake. A New Year’s devotional study invaded my inbox. Nunc … More Now I Begin…Again

The Trial

I am clinging to the map of “both/and” as I travel the path to eternity filled with questions. Is God justice or mercy?  Both/and. Did He pre-determine a plan for our lives or do we get to choose our own way?  Both/and.   But I have yet to find a path on this journey that … More The Trial