Ripping Off Bandages

Guilty pleasures.  It’s an oxymoron that I never stopped to ponder before.   Now in pursuit of a holy life, watching in amazement the positive changes happening in my attitude and my soul, the irony is captivating me.  Why don’t I miss the indulgences I used to crave?   My once favorite TV dramas, greasy meals, … More Ripping Off Bandages

Holy Ping Pong

I have been playing ping pong for months.  Actually, years.  Great game when it’s just for fun.  Super frustrating when I’m wrestling with truth. The match is between chasing perfect and striving for holy living. I often feel like I am being tested – will I listen? obey? choose God?  Testing is hard to understand. … More Holy Ping Pong


My beautiful, precious child. Begging for patience while still clinging to control. Desperate for virtues that will calm your soul. Hoping amid the distractions that I’m still listening. I’m always listening. I send you flowers every day. Millions of flowers.   I scatter them over the earth, impossible to miss. Day after day opportunity slips … More Flowers

Be a Nice Human

I’ve never overcome the habit of writing reminders on my hand.  Sticky notes with quotes and to-dos plaster my desk, my car, my life.  My favorite version is a T-shirt that has a simple phrase on it.  Be a nice human.  I need to become a nicer person.  And I need to be reminded.  I’m … More Be a Nice Human