The Weight of the Waiting

You can almost feel electricity in the air this time of year.  You can see the physical tension between “hurry up” and “wait” hunching everyone’s shoulders as they try to power through.  Billions of people are buzzing around, furiously preparing for something.  Another close of a business year.  Looming family gatherings.  The expectation of a … More The Weight of the Waiting

The Plateau

The path to eternity starts at the base of a mountain. From the beginning of the path, we look up towards heaven. The steep climb looks impossible. Some just never attempt it.  What’s the use? Some convince themselves they can do it. They can do anything if they just try. If they want it bad … More The Plateau


Busy. We wear it like a trophy. Fighting for it and empathizing about it simultaneously. We compare schedules like battle scars, equally impressed and saddened by the trauma; feeling less than our peers if our busy doesn’t measure up, tragically wishing for wounds to prove our commitment to the war. The absence of busy threatens … More Busy

God’s Math

Numbers.  I crunch them for a living.  I am passionate about accounting for things, diligently ensuring everything balances and ties out.  The last missing penny has been known to haunt me.  So how did I miss out on the book of Numbers in the Bible for most of my life?  This little jewel has my … More God’s Math

Holy Ping Pong

I have been playing ping pong for months.  Actually, years.  Great game when it’s just for fun.  Super frustrating when I’m wrestling with truth. The match is between chasing perfect and striving for holy living. I often feel like I am being tested – will I listen? obey? choose God?  Testing is hard to understand. … More Holy Ping Pong