Divine Mercy

Today is Divine Mercy Sunday.

Tomorrow my coworkers will ask, “How was your weekend?”

Will I just say, “fine” like I typically do? Or will I spill out the joy of the truth?

“It was wonderful! It was Divine Mercy Sunday, so beautiful!”

Will truth prompt them to ask, “What is that?”

And will I tell them the simple story…

Divine Mercy is a message that my patron saint, St. Faustina Kowalska taught to the world. She was a nun in the early 1900’s in Poland. She wrote a diary of her visions of Jesus and conversations with Him.

The message captivated me because it bridged a gap in my mind I was struggling with in studying Christianity. The connection between the Old Testament and the New. Between Justice and Mercy.

“Mercy and truth have met each other; justice and peace have kissed.”

Psalm 84:11; Preparation for Holy Mass, Roman Catholic Missal 1962

So many graces have come to fruition since I read that diary. And so to have good priests lead me in worship dedicated to His Mercy, to be surrounded by people who join me in praying for this very thing, to reflect on the forgiveness He grants us, the conversion He accomplishes in us, and the love in His Sacred Heart for us…my weekend was way better than “fine.”

It was Divine.



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