Choose the Hug

“You are the worst mom in the whole entire universe!” I hear this as a door slams in my face. And how do I get this amazing title? Is there something terrible I have done to my sweet, innocent child? Not likely. Usually I hear this phrase when I have just caught said child doing something wrong. … More Choose the Hug

My Street

This is my street. I took a picture of it because I think it’s awesome. I seriously stand and gape at it with my mouth hanging open, like a tourist seeing one of the Seven Wonders of the World. I didn’t used to feel that way about streets…or about anything. I used to go through life in … More My Street

How to Make a Change

“Funderburks don’t say can’t.” This is a favorite saying of my husband’s that I have heard repeatedly over the last 17 years.  It’s been used to help me take small risks, like riding a mountain bike or accepting a promotion.  But it also popped into my head when I was scared about bringing a child … More How to Make a Change

The Purpose of Life

My journey started in the same place that a lot of people’s journeys start–searching for the purpose of life.  Don’t we all want to know why we are here?   It’s a pretty basic question, yet some people–most of them way more intelligent than I–spend a good portion of their lives researching it.  I’ll be honest; … More The Purpose of Life