Oh, my soul,
Can you see the difference?
Between where you were and where you are and where you’re going?

You truly are a tourist; be in awe of this transformative journey.
Let your mouth gape in wonder and your breath catch in your throat.  

Remember when you thought there should only be peaks?
That valleys weren’t fair and should be avoided at all costs.

Remember when you realized there were no peaks without the valleys?
That valleys couldn’t be avoided, but it was okay because He was there, too.

Remember when He pulled you out of your darkest valley
and raised you to a peak so high you thought it must be Heaven?
Now you smile at that bunny slope, knowing His Kingdom is a realm of unfathomable heights.

And do you remember yesterday,
when you saw through the eyes of your child,
the reality that peaks and valleys actually merge into one?
When the joy was connected to the pain.
When the heaving sobs of suffering
revealed the shining light of true, passionate love.
When it wasn’t something to protect her from,
but something to join her in.
When you could actually see Him weeping through her,
and the relieving wave of knowledge that she belongs to Him
knocked you to your knees.

Oh, my soul,
Take time to remember this moment.

Tomorrow the journey continues.

You’ll let Him pull you down roads where maps aren’t needed
because they’re written on your heart along the way.

But today,
Let your tears blur your vision
Until you can’t see earth,
But can clearly see Heaven.


Remember – Lauren Daigle

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