He’s not Safe, but He’s Good.


She innocently fluttered through my life.

Only for a moment.

Catching a ride on a breeze as my whole world rushed by her.

Brilliant orange wings, outlined with midnight.

A free creature dancing in the wind.


Would she have accepted the invitation if she knew how dangerous her partner is?

His gentle caresses can turn violent enough to rip out her precious trees, their roots losing a century’s grip on the ground at His command.

Has she seen His power hurl things a million times her size across His dance floor?


I would tell her to keep dancing.

Love is only passionate and true when it knows safety is surrounded by danger, yet still trusts enough to follow His lead.

I want to show her my favorite picture from the hurricane.  The one that marks the place where His wrath and mercy collided as those same trees were laid harmlessly to rest in guardian angels’ hands.



She’s too happy to care what I have to say.

Caught up in the dance.

Lost in the moment.

Like a girl on a different flight, staring out the window of a car speeding home, mesmerized by a simple butterfly.

A tiny slice of normal in an entire landscape turned upside down.


She carries the same secret I’m learning.

He's not safe


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