The Storm

I’m wrapped in a blanket, watching a storm brew.

Right now, there is just peace.

A peace that surpasses all understanding.

I want to tattoo these small, perfect moments of happiness into my mind and heart.

If the worst theories and prophecies come true in my lifetime, I will need to cling to these moments.

And if they don’t, it seems the threat of them has been enough to make me cherish life’s best kept secrets and gifts.

I want to savor these moments all the same.

To breathe Life in until it feels like my lungs might burst with gratitude.

To sit in the stillness of peace even while the wind swirls around me.

Whether it be the calm before the storm…

The waiting in the eye of the storm…

The awe of avoiding the storm…

Or the relief after the storm…

There is only one Way to find such peace.

And I belong to Him.

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