Why Farva Died

My kids are mad at me.  Again.  We have a rule in our house – no electronics after 9 pm.  But simply stating a rule is powerless against the spells cast by the hypnotic blue glow.  It’s my fault – I haven’t been enforcing said rule.  Not surprisingly, everyone is tired, cranky, and distracted.  So, … More Why Farva Died

Keep It Simple

Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds… Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. DEUTERONOMY 11:18–19 NIV I have been struggling with how to teach my children – about God, … More Keep It Simple

Ripping Off Bandages

Guilty pleasures.  It’s an oxymoron that I never stopped to ponder before.   Now in pursuit of a holy life, watching in amazement the positive changes happening in my attitude and my soul, the irony is captivating me.  Why don’t I miss the indulgences I used to crave?   My once favorite TV dramas, greasy meals, … More Ripping Off Bandages

Holy Ping Pong

I have been playing ping pong for months.  Actually, years.  Great game when it’s just for fun.  Super frustrating when I’m wrestling with truth. The match is between chasing perfect and striving for holy living. I often feel like I am being tested – will I listen? obey? choose God?  Testing is hard to understand. … More Holy Ping Pong

Be a Nice Human

I’ve never overcome the habit of writing reminders on my hand.  Sticky notes with quotes and to-dos plaster my desk, my car, my life.  My favorite version is a T-shirt that has a simple phrase on it.  Be a nice human.  I need to become a nicer person.  And I need to be reminded.  I’m … More Be a Nice Human

Fill the Void

There was an extremely large, messy hole in my backyard.  I watched workers dig deeper and deeper, anxiously waiting for the day they would fill it with concrete, then a liner, then crystal clear water.  I pictured my children splashing happily and jumping off the diving board with their friends.  I pictured outdoor barbecues and … More Fill the Void


Because I said so.  I never liked hearing those words when I was a child, but here I am as a parent, using them so frequently they may as well be tattooed across my forehead. I have been told I am a very patient person.  I rarely raise my voice.  I usually take the time … More Obey


Tax season.  Sigh.  I’m a tax accountant by trade, so you would think I’d be unshakeable, but doing our taxes made me feel so…overwhelmed.  Welcome to the club, right?  But this was a different kind of overwhelmed, because right in front of me, amidst the pile of receipts and statements, emerged a picture of drastic … More First

What If We Show Up?

My daughter’s birthday is pushing its way toward me on the calendar.  It will be joyful and fun and happy.  Yet panic is trying to steal the excitement of planning the celebration.  The “what ifs” attack me every year.  What if we pick a date that conflicts with sports and activities and life?  What if her best … More What If We Show Up?