Permission Slip

My daughter was too sick to go to practice.  This required me to fill out a permission slip, explaining why she needed to stay home from this “mandatory” part of her life.  I felt sad that being sick was her only reason to rest, but I realized this is exactly the example I had been … More Permission Slip

The Power of Addiction

I saw something in myself the other day that frightened me.  It was the wild-eyed look of an addict.  I recognized it immediately, having seen it before in the eyes of people I love dearly.  It’s fueled by fear.  Fear of losing something you are convinced you can’t live without.  Addiction is usually linked to negativity. … More The Power of Addiction

The Survivors

I heard a podcast yesterday where a Jewish woman who had been rescued from the Holocaust said she wanted to make her life worthy of being saved.  It struck me how often I have heard that from survivors of horrific events, especially if they lived while the one who saved them died.  These survivors often … More The Survivors

Waiting for the Path

When it comes to people, I’m very patient.  I’m always holding out hope someone will finally change.  I’ll calmly explain a concept ten different ways to help someone understand.  I don’t typically get road rage – I assume someone has a dire emergency or they wouldn’t have dared to cut me off.  (Just let me … More Waiting for the Path

Live on Purpose

I got my first pair of glasses when I was in grade school.  I hadn’t realized that I had been seeing everything as a blur, but I still remember the feeling of walking outside for the first time after I put them on.  It was overwhelming.  The trees had separate, individual leaves, and I could … More Live on Purpose

Choose the Hug

“You are the worst mom in the whole entire universe!” I hear this as a door slams in my face. And how do I get this amazing title? Is there something terrible I have done to my sweet, innocent child? Not likely. Usually I hear this phrase when I have just caught said child doing something wrong. … More Choose the Hug