Advent, digging out the roots

There are big, beautiful trees around our lanai. At least, I see them as beautiful. My husband looks at them with disgust. And at the first opportunity (a.k.a. Hurricane Ian) he started digging the biggest, most beautiful one out of the ground.

I have been protesting this seeming destruction, but in reality, he is right to do it.

Why? Because he can see past the exterior temporary beauty to the truth that these trees are too close to the foundation of the pool. Their massive strong roots are going to crack the concrete and cause thousands of dollars of damage.

I can’t stay fooled by temporary, beautiful things that seem to fit my craving for perfect. If the interior, even if it has been carefully hidden miles beneath the surface, is threatening to destroy everything, then it must be rooted out.

As I watch him cut the tree down in phases, it feels like I can’t possibly do that kind of labor. And I can’t; not on my own.

I thank God for the gift of my husband, who insists on seeing the truth beneath the surface and consistently works until I see it, too. And for my priest, who is already preparing to dispense the graces I need through the Sacraments of Penance (confession) and the Eucharist this very morning, to start the healing process. And for the Holy Spirit, who shines the Light in my soul, teaching me how to put meaning and practice together to fill in the painfully empty hole. He places my roots in a better spot, allowing growth that will result in a beauty far surpassing my idea of perfect, until I finally become His.

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