Advent, the Key

O Key of David, and sceptre of the house of Israel! who openest, and no man shutteth: who shuttest, and no man openeth; come, and lead the captive from prison, sitting in darkness and in the shadow of death. Is. 22:22; Apoc. 3:7; Lk. 1:79

Thou hast, O eternal Light, to shine in the midst of this world’s darkness, this prison where the captive, whom Thou hast come to deliver, sits in the shadow of death.Open his prison-gates by Thy all-powerful key. And who is this captive, but the human race, the slave of error and vice? Who is this captive, but the heart of man, which is thrall to the very passions it blushes to obey? Oh! come and set at liberty the world Thou hast enriched by Thy grace, and the creatures whom Thou hast made to be Thine own brethren.

Dom Guéranger’s The Liturgical Year

In all the waiting of this season, it wasn’t hard to picture being stuck in darkness. Just sitting there, waiting for someone to change things. Waiting for someone to say it’s finally time to move on. But it’s interesting…it’s not just me who is waiting. God waits, too. For one thing. And Mary said it. “Fiat.”

Fiat means “be it done.”

What power we have been given in free will.

But in all this power, we cannot simply will death away on our own. There is only One who holds the key to the prison of death, and simultaneously to the City of Life. And He, the One who holds the eternal key, waits on tiny little me. And you. And all of humanity. He waits to hear one meaningful sincere word.


An action word that involves being and doing. It’s a word that works like a key, opening amazing possibilities, but it doesn’t stop working. It’s a surrender that draws the Savior to us and then carries on into an entire way of life.

O Wisdom, Order, and Prudence. I need You.

O Adonai, Leadership, Laws, and Redemption. I need You.

O Root of Jesse, Ensign, and Silence. I need You.

O Key of David, Freedom from death. Fiat. I need You.

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