Advent, turning rocks to gold

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This particular Marian Apparition which occurred in 1531, but goes all the way back to St. Luke, continues to amaze me. It is one of the most detailed miracles with so much evidence left behind still to this day. I have included links to quick summaries, watch here, but if ever there was a miracle worth researching in depth, I encourage you to choose this one.

One detail I didn’t know until this morning, is that when Our Lady visited St. Juan Diego, she stood on the rocks and they turned to gold.

I love that. She didn’t move them. They didn’t disappear. They turned to gold.

We have rocks in our spiritual path. They aren’t going to be removed for us. And I love that, too. Because everything He made is good, if we will just use it for the right purpose and accept the help He sends to us.

Just yesterday I was frustrated by how heavy things are and discouraged that I cannot possibly move something so dense. How can a rock like frustration be good? Because it is a trigger to desire change, to want to do better. Unhappiness urges me to ask Our Lady to transform discouragement into determination through the grace of God. Who better to ask for help with graces than she who is literally called “Full of Grace”?

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

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