Advent, finding childlike wonder

“I give you praise, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for although you have hidden these things from the wise and learned you have revealed them to the childlike.”

St Luke 10:21

Childlike. That innocence when everything is so amazing, when it hasn’t yet occurred to the mind that all the wonders seen could ever be misused.

“Let these precious hours of Advent be given to wonder…let us be filled with wonder and praise that God goes on believing in us, hoping in us, and trusting that we will somehow yet realize His dream of us.”

Mother Mary Francis

We will realize His dream of us. That phrase puts me in wonder of creation itself. For what are all these things around me but the realization of thoughts? They are intangible ideas brought into being a specific thing using tangible materials in a certain way.

And what are we but the realization of His thought, His dream, brought into being in a certain way? As babies growing in the wombs of women.

The One who had this thought is perfect. And so this certain way of being is perfect.

Yet, we don’t quite believe it to be perfect. Our childlike wonder of light has been darkened over time. We think we are so wise and learned because now we know that even amazing things can and will be misused.

Instead of holding on to childlike wonder and seeing all the potential good in letting His dream be realized, so many are letting dark wonder take over. The wise and learned determine this dream to be happening in the wrong place, wrong time, wrong situation. Their dark wonder assumes it could only result in a bad dream that destroys all other dreams, and so they destroy it instead. Thinking that will set everything right. That will allow room for the good dreams.

And have we set everything right by trying to control His dream of us?

Here we are in Advent. Waiting to peek into a manger to see a baby. To see our God so determined to prove this certain way is perfect that He came to us in this very same way.

Wouldn’t we judge it to be happening all wrong? Wrong place, wrong time, wrong situation.

He will be rejected by the world. He knows it. He still came this way.

His life will be filled with hardship and poverty. He knows it. He still came this way.

He will be tortured and killed by those convinced they know a better way. We still crucify Him with every choice we make against His will. He knows it. He still came this way.

Why? So that we can still realize His dream of us.

Now is the perfect time to wonder about that, with the childlike wonder of light.

Lord Jesus, how can I help realize Your dream of us instead of helping the world destroy it?

Stop misusing the gifts I have given you. Every time you do, it takes away someone else’s childlike wonder. Practice using everything you encounter and everything you want to dream into reality according to My will, not yours.

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