Now I Begin…Again

It’s officially another new year.
Everyone has been talking of resolutions and goals and feeling inspired.
Meanwhile, I have been frustrated, restless, and tired.
I looked at the world through endless loops of 2019 in review, and I didn’t want it.
It’s unstable, hateful, and fake.

A New Year’s devotional study invaded my inbox.
Nunc Coepi (Now I Begin)
I was skeptical of yet another New Year’s cliche.
Why begin again?
I have put in so much effort and this world is still broken.
I am still broken.
I couldn’t think of a single thing I could do to make it better.
Not a single thing I wanted to chase.

But then a smile crossed my face.
Because that is the most progress I have made yet.
I am finding no satisfaction in the world.
I have no power to fix it on my own.
And my goal became clear.
Chase Him.
The answer is not in the world.
Keep going beyond it.
Each step on the path is the beginning of the next step to eternity.

This little study that I almost brushed aside brought me back to my beginning – the truth that we already have everything we need for the journey to Him. God has given us physical experience in order to understand how to elevate to the spiritual experience.

Physically, we map out and plan any major journey. We must know something of our destination so we can assess ourselves (our strengths & weaknesses) and determine what resources are needed to succeed.

Spiritually, we can use the same approach. Beginning to plan the spiritual journey leads me right back to the very questions that were burning in my heart years ago.  Questions that I believe were written into the hearts of every human being by the only One who holds the answers, the Creator Himself.

1. Who is God?
2. Who am I?
3. What is my vocation?
-What is my place in all this?
-What resources/talents/gifts have I been given that are useful in each moment?

Humility is the ability to accept the truthful answers to these questions and then utilize the truth to fully participate in His plan. I can think of no greater goal for 2020 and beyond.

Lord, teach me humility.
Show me how to use it wisely to advance on the journey to You.

Nunc Coepi.
Now I Begin…Again.

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