My beautiful, precious child.
Begging for patience while still clinging to control.
Desperate for virtues that will calm your soul.
Hoping amid the distractions that I’m still listening.

I’m always listening.

I send you flowers every day.
Millions of flowers.  
I scatter them over the earth, impossible to miss.

Day after day opportunity slips gently through busy fingers.
But today.  
Today I made one brighter, the most brilliant pink you’ve ever seen.  


Impatience tries to maintain its grip, insisting you attend to the lists.
No time to comprehend a message of delicate petals.
Too important for a rose cliché.

But today.
Today the aroma is intoxicating.
It entices you to consider.
To wonder.
To surrender.

Impatient protests are silenced as the flower transfers strength to your spirit.
My whispers love silence, using the space to breathe knowledge into your aching soul.

Let flowers be your teacher, they hum.

Seeds don’t fight who they are, trying to be a lion or a star or a tree.
They listen and follow the inner instructions already written in their being.

Roots don’t question, doubt, fear, pout, complain.
They effortlessly use the resources around them to grow, to create, to become.

Leaves don’t scurry about, trying to find enough perfect raindrops to hoard for later.
They own their dependence, opening wide to drink in the gifts of morning dew or spontaneous showers.

Petals don’t constantly strive for the world to confirm their success.
They humbly raise their heads to absorb the warm rays of divine assistance.

Flowers don’t let the threat of tomorrow’s hail storm steal today’s gentle breeze.
They dance in the drafts of freedom that transport their descendants further down the path.

Simple, gorgeous beauty wrapped in intricate design.

Just like you.

My beautiful, precious child.
Too caught up in worry.
Too frustrated by waiting.
Too insistent on control.

But today.

Today you heard my whispers.  
Today you lowered the walls.
Today you trusted me.

Today you let me calm your soul.

Tomorrow you will need more flowers.
I will send as many as it takes.
Millions of flowers.
Scattered over the earth, impossible to miss.

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