Normally, reading is my media of choice.  But lately I have come across some really great videos that are worth sharing.  When I only have a few minutes to spare, the short messages on are perfect.  Some are free, and the rest are very cheap.  I highly recommend the entire series for each of the following…

1. NOOMA by Rob Bell

2. BASIC by Francis Chan

3. TRUE BEAUTY by Lisa Chan

4. CRAZY LOVE by Francis Chan (to be watched in conjunction with reading the book)

5. CHASE by Jennie Allen

6. STUCK by Jennie Allen

For some reason, I really struggle with sitting still long enough to watch an entire movie.  I blame my freakish need to constantly be productive!  But I have found I can overcome the productivity need by working on my creativity at the same time!  I grab my knitting (don’t knock it until you try it), which tricks my mind by keeping my hands busy!  🙂  And I’m glad I did because these movies and lectures were totally worth sitting still for!


  1. God’s Not Dead 
  2. Do You Believe 
  3. Heaven is for Real 
  4. Facing the Giants  
  5. War Room  
  6. DisneyNature – Wings of Life  
  7. Courageous 


  1. Rob Bell – Everything is Spiritual 
  2. The Minimalists – A Rich Life with Less Stuff 
  3. Rob Bell – The Gods Aren’t Angry  
  4. Rob Bell – Drops Like Stars  
  5. Brene Brown – The Power of Vulnerability  
  6. Elizabeth Gilbert – Your Elusive Creative Genius 

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